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History of UFOs

Despite the little evidence supporting extraterrestrial beings, UFO buffs are notoriously known for their slogan, "We are not alone.". Belief in aliens in UFOs is akin to belief in supernatural beings. Like other beliefs, while the probability may be low, belief requires faith over reason.

Although UFOs are thought of only as a modern phenomenon, if fact, UFO reports can be traced back several centuries. It is said old pieces of artwork depict UFOs. Although some of the artwork may represent actual sightings, other artists feature UFOs in a religious context. Perhaps they have arcane knowledge concerning the relationship between UFOs and certain religious events. However, concerning the reason these artists chose to insert UFOs into their artwork can only be speculated.

The sightings of UFOs, range from the mundane to the bizarre. Only a marginal minority of UFO reports ared discovered to be hoaxes, but they challenge the credibility of all other sightings. There are as many UFO conspiracy theories as there are galaxies that might have generated them.

There are several TV shows that promote belief in the reality of UFOs, government coverup, and alien abductions. A very common belief is the idea that only a select few (contactees) can communicate with UFOs.

Media coverage of any mass sighting invariably includes either speculation that the UFO was a new plane or statements to this effect. The mainstream media reports that these incidents hold those who claim to have seen UFOs up to ridicule. Mass media, television and tabloid journalism all have played upon the mysterious dimensions of UFOs.

There is also an aspect to the UFO phenomenon that involves politics and secrecy rather than observational evidence. For decades there have been UFO sightings by hundreds and hundreds of people. There have been allegations of suppressed UFO related evidence for many decades. It should also be noted that not a single, comprehensive "psychological" theory explains the creation of all UFO reports.

Regardless, society keeps the entire spectrum of UFO tales maddeningly alive: If its not genuine information, it's calculated disinformation. There are many parallels between reports of UFO encounters and tales of faery lore. It is time to disclose what is known about the subject, as well as the complexity of UFO sightings and encounters with these objects. Some claim that UFOs have been visiting the earth since ancient times. Other researchers argue that the large diversity of UFO shapes point to a highly possible paraphysical origin.

Several dissertations on different aspects of UFO phenomena have been produced during the last decades. A long history of UFO sightings in connection to momentous or major religious historical events has caught the eye of many reporters. A combination of research and observation shows that weather may play a significant role in UFO sightings. In fact, planetary rotations are said to impact sightings; every time Venus reaches its maximum brilliance in the evening sky, hundreds of "UFO sightings" are made. The fact is, almost every flying man-made object has also been mistaken for a UFO at one time or another.

Since UFOs were considered a potential security risk, the reports on any sightings were classified as secret. Having recently declassified the reports, it generally shows that 90 percent of all UFO sightings were easily explained. More often than not, the alleged UFOs turn out to be signal rockets, meteorological probes, or airplanes. Air Force scientists quantifies temperature inversions, concluding that few, if any, UFO sightings are caused by mirages. The government has now discontinued official investigation of UFO reports and they are a very low priority for police agencies. Paradoxically, the military continues to deny some requests for UFO information by citing national security concerns.

A UFO hoax, in general, is not illegal, so there is little to restrain someone from using one for a practical joke.

About the Author

About the Author:
Francesca Black a long time science fiction buff, manages content for UFO Gifts and Science Fiction Corner



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