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UFO Videos

Videos and movies about unidentified flying objects.

Sightings: The UFO Report
No description

UFOs and Area 51, Vol. 2 - The Bob Lazar Video
No description

Nova Adventures in Science - UFO's: Are We Alone?
No description

UFOs, Encounters and Abductions
No description

UFOs and the Alien Presence
No description

UFO Secret-Roswell Crash
No description

UFO Diaries:Bermuda Triangle/Area 51
No description

UFOs - The Secret Evidence
No description

UFO's-Above & Beyond
No description

Ufos: The Hidden Truth
No description

UFO Experience: Dr. John Mack
No description

UFO 1:Exposed/Question of Priorities
No description

UFO Collection
No description

UFO Sightings
No description

Roswell/Other UFO Mysteries
No description

UFOs - The Hidden Truth
No description

UFOs: The Contacts
No description

UFO Files Box Set
No description

Searching For UFOs
No description

UFO Diaries:Alien Connection/Project
No description

UFO: The Untold Stories
No description

Contact UFO: Alien Abductions
No description

UFO 2:Dalotek Affair/Conflict
No description

No description

UFO Diaries:First Ufo's/What Are They
No description

UFO: The Hidden Truth - The Strange Case of Crop Circles
No description

Biblical UFO's & The Coming Deception
No description

UFO Diaries: Pyramids - The Alien Connection: Project Blue Book
No description

UFO: The Hidden Truth - UFO Phenomenon
No description

UFO Dreamland 1&2
No description

UFO Diaries:Cydonia the Mars Connect
No description

Secrets of Dreamland: UFO Lying Signs and Wonders
No description

UFO - Top Secret - Part Two
No description

OZ Encounters: UFOs in Australia
No description

UFO Diaries:Secret of Roswell/Mystery
No description

UFO Diaries:Ufo's True Or False/Abduc
No description

UFO : From Legend to Reality
No description

UFO Experience: Dr. David Jacobs
No description

UFO and Paranormal Phenomena: Message from Another Dimension
No description

UFO Files:How Do UFO's Fly
No description

UFO Files: On the Trail of the UFOs
No description

UFO Files: The Aliens' Experiments
No description

UFO Files: Sightings & Coverups
No description

UFO Files: Extraterrestrial Contact
No description

Ufos-50 Years of Denial
Ever since the first flying saucers were spotted over Mount Rainier in 1947, they have captivated the world and caused much speculation. Interplanetary craft? Weather balloons? Advanced military aircraft? Swamp gas? Whatever, we have been puzzling for over 50 years with no end in sight. UFOs: 50 Years of Denial? makes the case for world governments' collusion to hide evidence of extraterrestrials from the public for reasons of security. Ufology bigwigs such as Bob Dean and Phil Corso discuss what they learned in their roles in NATO and the National Security Council, respectively; astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell tells of his discussions with government officials who want to come clean; and many saucer-spotters tell their bizarre stories. Some very strange photographic evidence and footage taken near the fabled Area 51 in Nevada are suggestive, but of course inconclusive. And who was that mysterious cigarette-smoking man lurking in the background? --Rob Lightner

Alien Files-UFO Investigations
No description

UFO Investigations:The Alien Files
No description

UFO Experience: Budd Hopkins
No description

UFO Experience: Dr. Roger Leir
No description


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