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Flying Saucers

Frisbees, flying saucers and other flying objects.

Flashflight LED Flying Disc
Flashflight is a light up flying disc for day or night-time flying! Disc golf, ultimate, disc games at night, recreational flying disc catching, flying disc fun! Water resistant and fully illuminated by a single LED and 9 fiber optic strands. 185Grams. Best lighted disc on the market. No lighted disc flies better than this one! Straight, long and bright... A standard coin-cell sized battery is included and powers up to 120 hours of night time fun!

Wham-O Ultimate Disc
Brand new from Wham-O the 175 gram Ultimate Sport Disc is designed for the game of Ultimate Frisbee. From the original makers of the Frisbee Disc this disc is perfect for ultimate or a good game of catch. UPA Approved.

Aerobie Super Disc
Players of all skill levels can throw the Aerobie Superdisc well and enjoy its stable, accurate flights. Its patented spoiler rim and soft rubber edge were developed for throwers looking for a more stable flyer for throwers of all skill levels. The Superdisc's soft, rubber edge provides a great grip for strong throws and remains smooth to catch even after landing on pavement. Conventional discs often develop sharp scratches and burrs. Made from non-toxic materials, the Superdisc's soft edge is also kind to a dog's mouth, making it the disc of choice for many professional dog disc entertainers. Floats in water. Size: 10 inch diameter. Available in yellow, red, and blue. Ages 8 and up. Quality made in the U.S.A.

Aerobie Super Disc Ultra
The stable, accurate flights of the Aerobie Superdisc Ultra result from its advanced aerodynamic design which incorporates the patented spoiler rim with a soft rubber edge for comfortable catches. The original Aerobie Superdisc became a favorite shortly after its debut in 1995 because players of all skill levels could throw it well and enjoy its stable, accurate flights. The Superdisc Ultra was developed in response to Superdisc fans' clamor for a larger, heavier version. Floats in water. Size: 12 inch diameter. Weight: 162 grams. Ages 10 and up. Quality made in the U.S.A.

Aerobie Oribter
A high performance outdoor boomerang, the Aerobie Orbiter flies out about 90 feet and then it really does come back. The Orbiter boomerang combines a high tech, triangular design with a bright colored, soft rubber edge. These features make it easy to throw and see in flight and soft to catch. Throwing instructions printed on the boomerang will help you learn to play catch with yourself in no time. Size: 11 _ inches per side, equilateral triangle. Available in orange, yellow, and magenta. Ages 13 and up. Quality made in the U.S.A.

Wham-O 140g All-Sport Frisbee
The 140g All-Sport is an excellent flying disc for all styles of play. Its medium weight and sturdier design will maximize your performance.

Aerobie Dogobie
The Aerobie Dogobie flying disc's flexible but tear and puncture resistant material is gentle on your dog's mouth and teeth but sturdy enough to endure fetch after fetch. With its patented spoiler rim design, the Dogobie disc is made for long, stable flights even when thrown by a beginner. Floats in water. Size: 8 inch diameter. Available in blue and yellow, the two colors seen by dogs. (Dogs see other colors as shades of gray.) Quality made in the U.S.A.

Soft and flexible, the Aerobie Squidgie disc is fun to throw and catch. Its breakthrough spoiler rim design allows even inexperienced throwers to achieve accurate, stable flights. Roll it up and toss it in your bag for spur of the moment games of catch. Floats in water. Size: 8 inch diameter. Available in orange, blue, yellow, green, and glow in the dark. Ages 5 and up. Quality made in the U.S.A.

Wham-O 160 Freestyle Frisbee
Designed for Freestyle Frisbee play. The 160 gram Freestyle disc is the optimal weight for trick catches and freestyle play.

Aerobie Squidgie
akthrough spoiler rim design allows even inexperienced throwers to achieve accurate, stable flights. Roll it up and toss it in your bag for spur of the moment games of catch. Floats in water. Size: 8 inch diameter. Available in orange, blue, yellow, green, and glow in the dark. Ages 5 and up. Quality made in the U.S.A.

Orby Blade Blue
Orby Blade is a light up boomerang/frisbee. Have a pass with a friend and what slice through the air. If the winds are right, give it a throw and watch it come back to you. Light up the night sky.

Aerobie Superdisc
The world's best flying disc

140 g World Class All Sport Frisbee from Wham-O
For distance throwing, freestyle. Performs well in all disc sports. Graphics subject to change.

130 g Moonlighter Frisbee Golf Disc from Wham-O
Glows in the dark. Perfect size and weight for all skill levels.

120g Competition Discs (EA)
The top of the line flying discs for sports games. Has three different weights, each offering individual features for distance, loft, and freestyle throwing. Neon pink, 120g.

Orby Blade Green
The Blade is a Light Up hybrid boomerang/Frisbee. Have a pass with a friend or when the wind is right, watch it come around back to you. Watch the ring of light surround you.

Ultimate Wham-O Frisbees - Set Of 3

  • Genuine World class Frisbees from Wham-O
  • IFA approved
  • 175 grams
  • The color is assorted and may not be the color of the image shown.

Innova Frisbee Golf Champion Firebird Distance Disc - Distance/Champion
Firebird is the most popular upwind distance driver. The Firebirds superior speed and stability make play on windy days a breeze. A favorite of sidearm throwers.

Innova Champion Monster Golf Disc
The Innova Champion Line is manufactured in a grippable, durable plastic for profesional disc golfers. Inspired by and endorsed by multiple World Champions including Juliana Korver and Ken Climo, this series answers the demand for tournament caliber equipment.

Wham-O Giant Saucer Tosser
This recreational extra-large disc flies great, and doubles as your trash can lid! Amaze your trash hauler! 250 grams of solid fun!

Goaltimate® (SET)
A fast paced non-contact sport for players of all ages, gender and ability.  Players are challenged physically and mentally as they strategize with teammates to score.  Goaltimate® requires teamwork, patience, sportsmanship, quick thinking, endurance and speed. Simply toss the flying disc through the 18W x 11H arched goal into the hands of a player on the same team to score.  Each set includes the official game disc, 10 PVC poles and 2 metal stakes for goalpost, 22 cones for line marking, an instructional video, complete rules and set-up instructions and a carrying/storage bag.  Weighs only 37 lbs.

Fun Foam Saucers (DZN)
These soft foam saucers will provide many hours of fun in a variety of games. Their composition makes games safer for younger children and Adaptive P.E. Teach game skills without the fear of injury. Safe indoors and out. 8-1/2 diameter. Yellow only. Sold by the dozen.

9" Rainbow Discs - 3 Sets Of 6 (18 Total)

  • Bright colorful 9" rainbow discs are durable and fun
  • Sold in 3 sets of 6 (3 ea. color - red, blue, purple, green, yellow and orange)

Discraft Ultra-Star 175g Ultimate Disc
The 175 gram Discraft Blue Sparkle Ultra-Star has a beautiful Sparkle that looks great in the air and even better as a gift to your favorite player.

Innova Champion I-dye Aviar Golf Disc
The Aviar Putt & Approach is the number one putter in disc golf. It has won more World Championships than all other putters combined. The most popular disc used for putts, approaches and short drives. Its soft plastic provides a comfortable grip and makes it stick in the chains.

MVY Full Circle Flyer 175gm Ultimate Glow Disc
The Full Circle Flyer - Martha's Vineyard Style - similar to the original flyer, yet with our island inspired artwork. Without a doubt, the sweetest looking disc on the beach!


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