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Marvin The Martian

Promotional branded Marvin the Martian products items.

Butt-Ugly Martians: Martian Boot Camp
It's off to Martian boot camp for the good-hearted Butt-Uglies. Evil Emperor Bog is eager to conquer Earth and is convinced the Butt-Ugly Martians can't hack it. Dr. Damage, no nice guy himself, has sent our friends on a wicked course. "Send them to Martian boot camp," he scoffs. "Let them prove themselves on my treacherous Bog-stacle course." With robot fighters, intense laser cannons, out-of-control asteroids, and alien brutes--Jax, Humanga, and Gorgon--this Bog-stacle course is the most difficult challenge the Butt-Uglies have ever faced. Kids must help our ugly Martian friends prevail at all costs, so they can return to Earth as its secret defenders. If not, evil Emperor Bog will get his way, and Earth will become space dust.

Kids play as their favorite Butt-Ugly Martian and fight villains from the Nickelodeon TV show. They can compete against the computer or take on a friend in this wickedly fun game. Packed with eight different Bog-stacle course challenges and loads of mini missions, kids are challenged in the action-packed B.K.M. Battle, Asteroid Field, Energy Field Maze, Robot Rush Hour, and more. Outrageous environments, like deep space and other interstellar locations, are filled with spaceships and dangerous black holes. When taking a break from all the action, kids can hang out with the Butt-Uglies at the Bog Star or the Alien Cantina for more out-of-this-world, alien adventure.

Marvin the Martian - Space Tunes
Eighty great minutes of classic Looney Tunes with a sci-fi theme. While most of the toons deal with Marvin the Martian (featured prominently on the video cover), the collection includes lesser-known shorts such as "Rocketbye Baby" (a Martian and human baby are switched), "Space Net" (a Dragnet parody featuring Daffy Duck), and the inspired "Hyde and Go Tweet" (Tweety Bird turns into a monster). Most of the toons are directed by Chuck Jones, including one of the all-time classics, "Duck Dodgers in the 24-1/2th Century." The tape also includes the lesser-known 1980 sequel, as well as "Hareway to the Stars," "The Hasty Hare," "Spaced Out Bunny," "Mad as a Mars Hare," "Jumpin' Jupiter," "Lumber Jack Bunny," and "Haredevil Hare." Nearly as fun as having your own Uranium Pew-36 Explosive Space Modulator. --Doug Thomas

Marvin the Martian Theme!
No description

Looney Tunes Piano Library: Marvin the Martian's Modern Songs (Looney Tunes Piano Library)
No description

Looney Tunes IS1LTM Marvin the Martian Ice Cone Maker
This colorful Looney Tunes device not only amuses kids with its Marvin the Martian motif, but also delights them by turning out snow cones and fruit slushes with the turn of a crank. For adults, the device shaves ice for drinks and for bedding seafood and other chilled foods on a buffet. The device works simply: freeze water, juices, or soft drinks in the two 8-ounce ice cups (or use ice cubes); place ice in a chamber on top the device; and turn the crank to send a cascade of ice shavings into a container below. If the ice is flavored, it can be served immediately in snow-cone cups or little dishes. If the ice is unflavored, syrups can be mixed with the ice. Made of safe, nontoxic plastic, the device is easily operated by children. You can adjust the ice-shaving blade for larger or smaller shavings, but an adult must take care of that with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Cleanup requires hand washing in soapy water. --Fred Brack

Marvin the Martian Charm - M2023
No description

Fellowes Marvin Martian CD Wallet Black 12 Capacity
No description


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