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Roswell Books

Books about Roswell, New Mexico the location of the famed alien crash in the mid-1900's. Read more about the theories, suspicions and thoughts behind the crash.

The Day After Roswell
If you've ever wondered what crashed into the desert near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, this book will give you some startling answers. While the first version was published in hardcover in 1997, Corso provides new evidence for the presence of alien intruders in this pocket paperback edition. Whether or not you believe his contention, the sheer weight of governmental sources and documentation presented by the former Army intelligence officer is not easily dismissed. Once you understand the historical context (in the midst of the Cold War soon after World War II, with Orson Welles having recently inspired panic in citizens with his fictional War of the Worlds radio broadcast), the military deciding to cover up a real-life alien ship becomes more credible. Corso also gives a convincing explanation of why reports were so multi-various and conflicting. Even if you believe the book is utter fiction, it's still a compelling read. --Randall Cohan

Body Snatchers in the Desert : The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story
No description

The Salvation (Roswell High No. 10)
No description

The Dark One (Roswell High No. 9)
No description

The Vanished (Roswell High)
No description

Crash Into Me: The World of Roswell
No description

The Wild One (Roswell High No. 2)
No description

The Watcher (Roswell High No. 4)
No description

The Roswell UFO Crash : What They Don't Want You to Know
No description

The Outsider
No description

The Rebel (Roswell High No. 8)
No description

Roswell Ufo Crash Update: Exposing the Military Cover-Up of the Century
No description

The Stowaway (Roswell High No. 6)
No description

Loose Ends (Roswell)
No description

The SEEKER: ROSWELL HIGH 3 (Roswell High, No 3)
No description

Meet The Stars Of Roswell (Meet The Stars)
No description

Roswell: Quarantine
No description

UFO Crash at Roswell
No description

The Roswell Incident
The crash of a flying disk near Roswell, New Mexico is the landmark event in UFO history, yet there is no concrete proof of any extraterrestrial presence at the site. Charles Berlitz and William Moore adamantly maintain that the evidence does exist, but is buried under lies and threats from the United States government. While I have to reserve judgment, I am fascinated by the chain of evidence presented in this book, which is something of a sacred text in UFOology.

The Real Roswell Crashed-Saucer Coverup
No description

Roswell High #5: The Intruder
No description

Ufo Crash at Roswell: The Genesis of a Modern Myth
No description

Roswell High #4: The Watcher
No description

Roswell: A New Beginning
No description

Roswell High #3: The Seeker
No description

Roswell : Inconvenient Facts and the Will to Believe
No description

The Roswell Report : Case Closed
No description

The Roswell Dig Diaries (Sci Fi Declassified)
No description

What Really Happened in Roswell? : Just the Facts (Plus the Rumors) About UFOs and Aliens
No description

The Roswell Encyclopedia
Kevin Randle is known as the foremost expert on the 1947 UFO sighting in Roswell, New Mexico. His thorough encyclopedia offers an A to Z-style listing of all you ever wanted to know about the Roswell incident. Regardless of whether you come to this encyclopedia as a skeptic or a firm believer in the landing of an alien spacecraft and the subsequent government cover-up, this book presents a host of fascinating information. Randle provides the names of key witnesses, such as Major Edwin Easley (a soldier responsible for security at Roswell Army Air Field) who cryptically concurred with the theory that the crash was caused by visiting extraterrestrials. Other players include J. Bond Johnson, a Fort Worth Star-Telegram photographer who shot six photos of the debris from the crash site.

Roswell aficionados will have no problem finding their desired listings, knowing to look under the letter "I" for "International Roswell Declaration." Newcomers will have to thumb their way through--not a tough assignment considering all the intriguing facts and entries in this enthusiastic Roswell almanac. --Tara West

Operation Roswell
No description

The Roswell Legacy
No description

Roswell File
No description


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