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Games about aliens and the unknown.

Alien Agency Pack
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Cogno: The Alien Adventure Game
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Alien Hotshots
In the game War, players compare cards, and the highest number wins and takes the other cards. Alien Hotshots picks up where War leaves off. In the year 4560, an interstellar war breaks out between the Evens and the Odds. Each side, strategizing, ups the ante, creating exotic secret weapons such as the Odd Eater and the Space Germ. Plustoids and Minusaurs orbit the planets, ready to help their favorite side. The 55 standard-size cards are illustrated with such space creatures as Cephaloid Surfers, Zygodactylous Terrain Walkers, and the disgustingly slimy, inedible Plasmoid Pods, each with an odd or even number value or a power-card symbol. This space-age complexity adds fresh interest to the classic game while teaching strategy, exploring the concepts of odd and even, and inspiring young players to ponder what's really out there beyond Earth. --Emilie Coulter

Balancing Aliens
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