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Flying Saucer Books

Books about flying saucers and unidentified flying objects from space.

Saucer: The Conquest
No description

Flying Saucers : A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies
While Jung is known mainly for his theories on the nature of the unconscious mind, he did have an interest in the paranormal. In this essay, Jung applies his analytical skills to the UFO phenomenon. Rather than assuming that the modern prevalence of UFO sightings are due to extraterrestrial craft, Jung reserves judgment on their origin and connects UFOs with archetypal imagery, concluding that they have become a "living myth." This essay is intriguing in its methodology and implications as to the nature of UFOs and their relation to the human psyche.

Hitler's Flying Saucers: A Guide to German Flying Discs of the Second World War
No description

The Flying Saucers Are Real
No description

Nancy Drew 58: The Flying Saucer Mystery (Nancy Drew)
No description

Flying Saucers in the Holy Bible
No description

An American Demonology : Flying Saucers Over the White House
No description

Watch the Skies!: A Chronicle of the Flying Saucer Myth
It's not your typical UFO book, though it is full of contactees, conspiracy plots, and cattle mutilations. With an in-depth, although skeptical scrutiny of the UFO phenomenon, Peebles doesn't address every case but tackles the most widely quoted incidents from Kenneth Arnold's sighting of flying disks in the '40s through the abduction trends of the early '90s. While the book is biased, Peebles' research is impeccable, and he brings to light facts which many pro-UFO authors tend to neglect.

Avrocar Canada's Flying Saucer: The Story of Avro Canada's Secret Projects
No description

Saucer (Thorndike Large Print Famous Authors Series)
No description

Flying Saucers over Los Angeles
No description

Freddy and the Flying Saucer Plans (Brooks, Walter R., Freedy Books.)
No description

Ants Don't Catch Flying Saucers (Wiebe, Trina. Abby and Tess Pet-Sitters, 5.)
No description

Flying Saucers 101
No description

The Real Roswell Crashed-Saucer Coverup
No description

Saucers of the Illuminati
No description

Saucer Attack
Like it or not (and many science fiction purists and ufologists don't), flying saucers and science fiction are inextricably linked; over the years, this likely combination has been the basis for some of the greatest stories, toys, comics, art, and movies ever produced. In this book, the father-and-son Nesheim team recaptures it all, presenting famous saucer (and alien) images from nearly every medium. The result is a wonderful coffee-table book certain to delight most anyone, whether true believers, laughing skeptics, or just those who think the old covers of Amazing Stories and Fate look neat.

Let's Talk Flying Saucers: How Crackpot Ideas Are Blinding Us to Reality and Leading Us to Extinction
No description

When Prophecy Never Fails: Myth And Reality In A Flying-Saucer Group
No description

Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky (Routledge Classics)
No description


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