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Aliens and Thoughts of Others...

Man thoughts of life outside of their world ignite the imagination. Most feeling the fact of others would only hold validity through an actual visit by them or us between the worlds. The world demands physical evidence of those life forms existence. The reality of those others world is closer then one think. We ignore the fact of their existence. We disguise their reality and push aside given fact of those others worlds. This proof of others existence is right there before all of us. The average home holds the fact of those others life. Most do not relate the fact of this item in the content of alien encounter. Yet the instructions of these others have structure the very fiber of our conduct and regulations in society. This item is the Bible. The Bible tells the story of others. God created the earth and was outside of its reality. We fail to relate the realities in the Bible account. God life is in the reality of existence. Angel is the teller of this story of God. Angel told adam God act. God creation of the world of angel yields its fact in the story account. Angel also a host formed outside of our known earth.

This thought of others might be viewed as funny to some. Fables of things thought to be in the existence without a physical proof of fact. The ideal of God and angel a comforting thought of desired closeness then alien. The problem is the thought of God and angel as the little green men. They, too, as the little green men are viewed to be remote and unlikely to encounter in our existence. Their reality is outside of the fact of our existence. God, angel and the little green men not seen carries the doubt. Without the fact they were the imaginative thoughts and opinions that held no validity. There is a difference, however, between little green men and God or angel. Where the thought of a flying saucer is not taken by us as proof? We do have a testament about God and angel. It's in the closer look into the Bible we come to the facts of those others not known in our world existence. These acts and deeds defined in the Bible convey this alien connection. The flawed view yielded by us rather then the Bible teller hide those others living reality.

So what fact will it take to prove this to the denying minds of our world?

The story of the Bible conveys its many wonders called miracles by us. The alien thought of technology a definite proof of healing without the nature of hospitalization or surgery. Our efforts in technology are a mere mimic of the acts and deeds stated to be performed by the miracles of Jesus. Jesus in the account made the blind see without the fact of cutting the eye to correct or restore its essence. Jesus made the cripple walk without seaming the individual leg with pins or grafts from their physical material. Although our awareness has restored the blind to sight and made many not able to stand walk. The methods and practices we convey are as primitive as rocks and spears as weapons to us today. We do mimic these acts through achieve advancements of science. We boast of our current reality as the most advanced known to the fact of our world existence. The Bible stands as fact of the lack of this awareness and our advancement in the reality of its existence. We have mimicked much through crude methods. The reality of science relates without the guidance of the Bible to instruct, it's unlikely, we would have the consideration that these things were possible. There are some things written in the Bible account we have not grown to copy. The story states after three or more days of being buried, Jesus brought back an individual to life. With all the pride and awareness we proclaim, do this act.

The evidence of this alien technology is all about us. This knowledge is used but its source downplayed for its value. Our society takes from the Bible but denounce its literal reality. The average believer not knowing without the thought of others we would not know how to write not alone reason. Our society believes they can rob God of His due contributes. They can take the instructive guidance of the words of the Bible and make the view their proclaimed glory. Our society tries to bury the fact defined about God to elevate their established state into the ultimate exposure of intelligence. They structure theories of origin and formulas of complex rationing to define the existence we behold. The problem with all these acts done by us is not crediting this source is from God. It's the denouncing of the probability of God existence. The problem with these acts of our society is the theft from the given message of the Bible. We do suffer from this crime. Our society teaches and instructs a part of the story fact without the complete range of its account. We detour others willingly from the reality of the Bible to profit as gods ourselves before them. Jesus states in the story account, as quick as he correct or instruct the words of the message the Devil comes to uproot its reality. The efforts of this uprooting from the initial man to its current have measure slow progressive change for us in the existence. The statements detailed in the Bible relates our current development more an act of recapturing rather then chain of evolving as proposed by our society.

The Bible structure the foundation of our origin. The creative matter defined as waters emerged the existence we know. The formation of this existence having things prior to the ones we know. The creative matter exchange in the earth creation comes to the two great lights and the stars. Two great lights, so enormous one is greater then the gathered mass of the stars, seen or not seen. Our society science has just uncovered the thought our sun is a star. Religion believes our sun is the Bible greater light of the two made by God. The Bible creation account defined the realities of existence. Our research lacks the fact of the sun with the earth in the Bible given alien formation. This alien account of the creation of the earth is a view like science. The truth of either concept is its given account of us. The alien fact relates things there in our universe not known or seen by our awareness. The alien statement denies/assures the truth of these views of our society [science or religion]. We paste a reality to the biblical fact of the creation which is not the define message of the Bible account. Man desires to reach out and talk to these others outside their life not knowing they have spoken to us first. It's in this field of unknowns the real UFO exists. The ideal of others is the strange mystery we must know as ourselves.

May we all grow in the wisdom and prosperity of God will,

Alexander Coppedge
TPAC Manager

About the Author

TPAC is like a candy shop. Sweets are to tantalize and not rout the teeth. Weight lost by relaxation of stress through knowing and relief of tensions through considerate thinking. TPAC search the truth of God. TPAC searches the foundation of life existence. The God, angel and adam view of the creation fact. God is the Creator and with this fact alone a search for its statement reality.




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